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Simply navigate more !

Discover the wetton...

Wettoncraft : Designer of transportable amphibious boats


Offering you the shortest route to sail is more than just our mission, it's our raison d'être.
We have mobilised all our creativity, energy and know-how to design a boat that redesigns your access to navigation.

The Wetton 56 is the first boat in an innovative series that changes the way you enjoy boating.
It is ready to go. It is for you.

What are the advantages of Wettoncraft semi-rigid boats ?

No trailer

Hyper mobile, the Wetton Roadway is equipped with a fully retractable integrated trailer.

Saving time

Simple and quick : put your boat in the water alone and effortlessly, with your feet dry! Wettoncraft boats features launch assistance to go from land to sea in 3 minutes.

Made in Quality

Wettoncraft boats are designed and assembled in the Hauts de France. Wettoncraft works with leading French and European players to guarantee a durable boat.

practical and cost-effective

Your boat can be stored in a garage or under a carport. Simpler than a boat on a trailer, but also more compact thanks to its retractable tow bar.

How do you hitch your Wetton Roadway?

The Wetton Roadway has got its own trailer allowing it to be used on all the roads in France and Europe. All you have to do is open the rear flap and deploy the retractable towbar. Position the towing head above the ball of your car, and simply lower the boat thanks to the controls. Once the trailer boat is hooked to the car, plug in the light pin easily and drive away.

How to pilot your amphibious boat on land?

The Wetton is equipped with electro-hydraulic motors allowing it to move at limited speed on land for launching or stowage manoeuvres. A progressive joystick is used to move the boat. This device controls the speed and the movement in the 4 directions to roll towards the launching ramp.


To try a Wetton, it's very simple! Within 48 hours, we will be pleased to call you back to organise a test drive.

How to maintain your amphibious boat?

The Wetton is a boat that enjoys taking a fresh water shower after sailing! All you have to do is rinse your boat.

Every year, you have your boat checked either by the network or by a technician from the shipyard. This inspection allows us to ensure that your Wetton remains fully operational. This inspection also guarantees that your warranty is maintained.

Which vehicle and licence to tow your Wettoncraft amphibious boat?

In the vast majority of cases, your B licence is enough to tow a Wetton! This is the magic of the "integrated trailer" solution for the Roadway versions.

The maximum GVW of a Wetton Roadway is 1,200 kg or 1,400 kg depending on the model. If the sum of the GVW of your vehicle and Wetton remains below 3,500 kg, your B licence will fit. If the sum of the weights is higher and remains below 4250 kg, a simple training to obtain a B96 licence is enough.

In any case, it is possible, when registering a Wetton Roadway trailer boat, to "down-scale" it, i.e. to limit its GVWR (for example, 1100 kg instead of 1200).

Please get in touch with us, we will be happy to explain this to you in detail and advise you in the best possible way!