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7 reasons to choose the Wetton 56


N°1 Enjoy simplicity

Wetton 56’ unique technology is accessible via intuitive controls, and fully customized options.

You are nearing the slipway ? Gear down to land ! Even simpler now : with its movers, your Wetton 56 will reach your vehicle all by itself. Then, the rollbar that enabled you to enjoy waterskiing, only a few minutes before, becomes your license plate holder.

The wind comes up, white horses are starting to form ? Fold down the leaning post and the windscreeen to take shelter. Everything aboard Wetton 56 has been designed to make your life easier, on land or at sea.

N°2 Experience new sensations

Thanks to its powerful engine coupled with a deep « V » hull, Wetton 56 can deliver strong sensations of speed, smoothly surfing on choppy seas, remaining highly stable in curves. Depending on your mood, you will be able to drive it as a sportsboat or more quietly for your family sea trips.

But your experience will not stop here : when towing, you will enjoy a surprising quiet cruise, specifically in curves, or when braking or accelerating.

N°3 Find your heart of explorer again !

It is so easy to cast off for adventure with Wetton 56 ! Numerous hardly accessible grounds become new opportunities for exploration, discovery, or playing fields.

Now your travel companion, Wetton 56 is able to evolve following your programmes. With Wetton 56, you definitely make the good choice.

N°4 Set off with peace of mind

WettonCraft attracted talented people and works in network with actors that have earned widespread reputation in the boat, automotive, or aerospace industry. Architecture, design, equipment, materials, we always selected the best, with no compromise, to offer you the top quality level. However, we believe that innovation and quality have to remain accessible. So that Wetton 56 addresses not an elite, but true connoisseurs who have a desire for evasion and freedom, as much as safety and comfort.

N°5 Sail beyond contraints

Seas, lakes, rivers, have always attracted man. Water has always meant evasion, freedom. However, launching your boat can be discouraging, even physically challenging.

We have bypassed the trailer issue thanks to a direct towing innovation, to help you to return directly to the pleasure of navigation and freedom. So that your Wetton 56 makes child’s play of guiding, enabling everyone to navigate and land everywhere beyond constraints.

N°6 Break with the routine

Wetton 56 represents an aesthetic and sensory disruption ; it breaks the traditional codes of nautic sports. Whether the helm station, the fluid curved cockpit style, or the customized pastel shades, soft and elegant, every detail has been designed to offer you a flattering present- day environment, not ostentatious.

N°7 Imagine the unimaginable

Of course your Smartphone helps you to send text messages, voicemails, like posts, or consult your accounts. From now on, it will help you to move your Wetton 56 smartly, smoothly and intuitively from land to sea and vice versa, with no effort. This means maximum comfort, and minimum osteopath expenses for the future.