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The Amphibious Boat New Concept


How to transport your Wetton Coastway ?

The Wetton Coastway can be transported on a standard baoat trailer equipped with a simple safety bracket.

With a simple phone call, we will tell you if your present trailer is compatible with that minor adjustment. We can recommend a whole range of references and do the fine adjustments.

How to couple your Wetton Road Way ?

The Wetton Road Way integrates its own trailer. Just open the back hatch, extend the patented tiller, then rotate clockwise, and click it to the coupling ball. A switch on the transom (or a smartphone app) presets the extension of the jockey wheel. Finally, you just have to connect the electric spit.


Trying a Wetton is quite easy ! Just fill out the registration form below.
Within 48 hours, we will be pleased to call you back to organize a demonstration.

How to do the maintenance ?

Your Wetton will enjoy a shower of fresh water after every sea trip. Every year, you just have to service your boat in our network, or in our premises. This yearly inspection ensures your safety and keeps the warranty valid.

How to drive your Wetton on land ?

Your Wetton is equipped with electric movers, to launch it or dry store it, or to facilitate manoeuvering at limited speed (approx. 2 km/h, 1 ½ mph).

A joystick controls the 4 directions (forward, backward, left, right).

Your Wetton is able to climb slipways up to 13 % ; we recommend you to be alone aboard when manoeuvering, to spare the batteries.

What kind of vehicle, what kind of licence to haul your Wetton ?

Normally French B driving licence (or your equivalent) is sufficient, this is the magic added value of all Road Way versions ! In detail, for example in France, with your Wetton Roadway PTAC ranging from 1200 to 1400 kg, if your Gross Train Weight remains < 3,500 kg, you do not need a specific mention on your Licence. If then your Gross Train Weight (or Max. Authorised Mass) remains < 4,250 kg, a short training for Licence B96 will be necessary.

In any case, it remains possible to « down- plate » your Wetton, if it is unlikely that the maximum weight will be exceeded. Of course it reduces the carrying capacity but it may enable you to stak below the 3,500 kg Gross Train Weight according to your vehicle.