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Our boats : FAQ



Wettons follow the same rules as for a traditional boat + trailer : for further details see SEA/ROAD LEGAL OBLIGATIONS.

Wettoncraft via its partner APRIL offers insurance packages at competitive prices.


2 x 12v batteries (24v) dedicated to manouverability on land.

1 x 12v battery dedicated to engine starting and accessories (bilge pump, instruments, lights…).

The 35 A Mercury alternator’s role is to reload in priority the engine battery, but is not powerful enough to fully reload the movers batteries. We recommend a full reload using the AC adapter after every use.

Battery charge level is visible on the control panel.

8 hours for a full charge – it is recommended to keep batteries loaded all year round for a better durability.

Lead- acid batteries are the best compromise in terms of use, cost, maintenance, durability – they are widely used in the nautic and car industry.

Design / Quality control

Wetton boats are simply designed for an easy maintenance with seaproof materials (inox 316L, aluminium hull 5083 H11, CSM fabric, landing gears and hubs), for a longlasting pleasure. Most key components are from French or German certified origin. Our partners are selected for their expertise, and their proven experience in the boating sector (hulls, polyester deck, buoancy tubes)

The assembly and testing is made in our premises, by highly skilled, experienced technicians. Of course we can organise a visit of our premises on your request.

It is comparable to a traditional boat + trailer in terms of insurance and maintenance costs, not to speak about the reduced storage costs (retractable tiller). The quality of components and the handmade assembly, with a 5 year warranty, enable every owner to anticipate a high resale value.


To ensure a maximum lifespan, as for any boat, it is recommended to rince the hull, the landing gear and the buoyancy tubes – and reload the batteries on your standard AC socket.

Wettoncraft, fully confident in the long-term quality of its boats, offers to non- professional Clients a 5-year manufacturer warranty, conditioned by a yearly inspection with 8 key control points (fixed price 400,00 € except engine and wearing parts) checked by accredited Wetton partners or in our premises. This of course for your total peace of mind !

The main benefit of your Wetton is comfort : easy launching, easy storage, away from exposure, with no worries about a place at the port. Wettons can however stay at anchor for a while, with the same inconvenients as other boats (Uvs, antifouling, etc…)


Wettoncraft recommends Mercury engines since Wetton boats have been developed from the origin with Mercury motorists. Your Wetton’s engine and prop fine tuning have constantly benefitted from Mercury teams’ attention.

Wettoncraft if fully accredited to Mercury engine and accessories fitting in its premises, to ensure a turnkey service. Long term rentals are conditioned by a Mercury engine fitting.

Other engines are compatible, if < 185 kg, and XI engine shaft. In some cases, Wettoncraft will recommend a validation and/or a test.

Performance in sailing mode

The extra weight of the tiller and landing gear represent about 15 % of the total weight, ie the equivalent of 2- 3 people aboard. However, this is partly compensated by the aluminium hull, lighter than others.

The landing gear, close to the center of gravity point, allows a perfect lengthwise balance. The V shape of the bow enables easy planing, without compromising comfort in cross seas.

For your information, W56 reaches the acceptable speed of 32 kn equipped with a Mercury 115 HP with 3 people on board.

Performance in launching mode

The speed is limited to 1- 2 kmh to enable a quiet, fully secure manoeuver even with people around.

About 3 hours, depending on the conditions (weight/ slope %).

Wettons are built to climb 13 % slipways, the standard % in Europe.

Up to you : from the console with a joystick, or from a distance with your smartphone and your thumb. Safety systems protect you from any undesired action.

We recommend that only the skipper and another person stay aboard, to spare the batteries.

Of course, when moving from sea to land and vice versa, all passengers can remain seated.

Every passenger is supposed to remain seated, to keep the boat’s balance, with no passenger between the bow and the console.

With almost no training, you need 3 mn from unhitching a Wetton to wheels fully up in the water.

Easy : just move back your Wetton until afloat, start the engine, engage reverse gear, lower the prop, then, once away from the slipway, wheels up.

However, you may launch your Wetton bow first if the slope of the slipway is really soft. When landing, the process is the same, but in reverse order, you just land bow first.

Present regulations are forbidding road and public coastline use, only on private areas.

Roadway Performance

Actually easier to pull than any other trailer, in terms of road holding (no swaying), and manoeuverability, because the hub is closer to the vehicle (because you pull stern first).

It is possible to trim thanks to the jockey wheel angle.

A precision, a question to which you have not found an answer? Write us !