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Sea/road legal obligations


Wetton from the trailer’s point of view… /span>

GVW, unloaded weight, Gross Train Weight… What are your obligations on the road ? It is not easy to understand the abbreviations and rules. However, we have designed the Wetton range so that in most cases, B driving licence be sufficient.

In a nutshell, 2 cases :

Case # 1 : Your Wetton trailer boat is a version without brakes : since its permissible max weight is 750 kg, the weight of your vehicle should be 1,500 kg or above, then the B licence is valid. If the max permissible weight of your vehicle is above 2,750 kg, then you need a B96 licence, after a one day training.

Case # 2 : Your Wetton trailer boat has brakes, and weighs from 1,100 to 1,400kg. The Gross Train Weight (the sum of max permissible weight of your vehicle + your Wetton) remains below 3,500 kg, the B licence is valid ; between 3,500 and 4,250 kg, you need a B96 licence. Have a look as well on the max towing capacity of your vehicle.

Anyway, keep cool : we are available everyday from 9:00 am to 12:00 am with a dedicated helpline !

Wetton from the amphibious boat’s point of view…

Some Wettons are equipped with e-movers, (electric launchers), that enable your Wetton to move autonomously from land to sea and vice versa. Roving via the autonomous mode is authorized only on private areas.

To be legally used on a road, your Wetton has to be set in its trailer mode, and towed by another vehicle.

Wetton from the sailing point of view…

C category, distance from the coast… ?

Your trailer boat has the accreditation for 6 people, C category, following the European Directive, ie tested with a max wind force 6, (27 kn, max 35 kn) and significant waves < 2 m and 4 m max.

We recommend you to doublecheck your local legal obligations, the weather forecast, and to take in the legal safety equipment.