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the wheeled boat, an innovation signed Wettoncraft


Our semi rigid amphibious boats are equipped with launching movers, and, for some versions, an integrated trailer complying legal obligations

Wettoncraft is the first boatbuilder worldwide integrating trailers. Road Way Wetton boats receive a vehicle registration certificate. A worldwide innovation made in France !

Our wheeled boats provide edge cutting benefits in comparison with more traditional sailing solutions.


Our wheeled boats provide greater freedom. With no trailer, you can start from point A and finish at point B, so that you spare fuel and optimize every boat trip ! As you like it !

One hand fast launching

Keep your feet dry, no complicated reverse, no temporary mooring, you can launch your Wetton with one hand. A 3-hour weather window ? Seize the opportunity, you just need a few minutes !

Easy access on board whatever the situation

No trouble if you beach your wheeled Wetton on hard sand or any hard surface. It offers an aluminium heavy duty hull, a comfortable moulded composite deck with smart handgrips all around. If needed, you can down the landing gear, to facilitate the access on board.


Trying a Wetton is quite easy ! Just fill out the registration form below.
Within 48 hours, we will be pleased to call you back to organize a demonstration.


for our integrated trailer range, you just need a parking space, like for your car ! Forget the trailer – and do not hesitate any more !

Connected wheeled boat

you can use your smartphone to drive your boat when in autonomous mode ; other applications will be issued, and the existing ones regularly updated.

Green Wetton

the electric movers are really silent, batteries are reloaded at home or whenever you navigate. We invite you to keep your Wetton out of water when you do not use it, to spare a place at the port and antifouling treatment. Just give your Wetton a shower, and that’s all ! Of course it all the easier when the boat is on its landing gear.