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Finance and Insure Wetton

We offer two options:

LLD (long term rental).

Our semi-rigid boats benefiting from a VAT rate reduced to 10% under this type of financing, it is often very advantageous to choose LLD (long term rental).

This option allows you to avoid the contribution of 30% usually asked for the order. You fully enjoy your boat for 3 years - rented. Wettoncraft takes back your boat at the end of this rental. The amount of rent depends on the number of hours of use of your Wetton. When drawing up your quote for the acquisition of your boat, we will define with you the best financing formula (cash, LOA, LLD)

The LOA (Rent with Purchase Option) with our partner April

In this case, you only become the owner of your boat at the end of the repayment period after exercising your purchase option. You can simulate the cost of financing.

Calculate your financing :