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Our semi rigid boats


All our RIB boats are road sized for easy transportation.

A wide choice of equipment is available. Contact us, we will try to best meet your needs, and we will send you the technical documentation and tariffs.

Our semi-rigid boats are available in different lengths and available in two ranges, Coast Way and Road Way. It is even possible to concoct a custom Wetton according to your needs!

The semi rigid boat size 56

This size is available now for sale.

W size 56 allows easy storage in the vast majority of garages, 5, 5 m (16 ½ ft) long overall, 2.34 m (7ft) in overall width and 1.9 m (5 ¾ ft) in storage mode.

It's also a size that allows you to easily ship your Wetton 56 anywhere in the world as it fits in a 20-foot container!

This boat is approved for 6 people, in category C, eligible to leasing with purchase option with reduced VAT (see our possible financing solutions). Maximum power: 140 HP


Trying a Wetton is quite easy ! Just fill out the registration form below.
Within 48 hours, we will be pleased to call you back to organize a demonstration.

The Wetton semi-rigid boat size 67

This size is under development : 6,90 m long (21ft) and 2,5 m wide (approx. 8 ft.). Capacity 8 to 10 people depending on the equipment. Maximum power 225 HP.
Contact us for more information, reservations are possible from now !

Une gamme de bateaux semi-rigides pour s’adapter à vos attentes

The Coastway range focuses on the amphibious capabilities of the boat to maximize ease of launching.

Discover the Wetton 56 Coastway...

Discover the Wetton 56 Roadway in pictures, the easiest semi-rigid to launch in the market !

Discover the Wetton 56 Roadway...

Our semi-rigid boats are built on demand.
It is therefore possible for us to respond to specific needs.

Discover the custom Wetton...