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The Wetton 56

The result of gathered experiences from passioned professionals, WETTON 56 is the first creation of our design and engineering office. A compact rigid hull inflatable boat, she is able to move autonomously on land, and can be towed by the majority of vehicles.

On the sea

  • Agressively Designed

    WETTON 56 has a cutting edge design, a sporty and elegant personality, a deeply innovative character.

    Hard to imagine that, a few minutes before, she was moving on the road…

  • Sailing Behaviour

    Thanks to her deep V profiled hull, combined to the stability of a semi rigid, WETTON 56 remains smooth on overtaking the wave crest.

    As far as the power is concerned, length/ power ratio confirms it is definitely a sportsboat (100 to 115 HP)

  • Quality & Safety

    WETTON 56 is made of a premium quality structure, with an alumium alloy hull and a composite deck.

    Ready for maritime coastal navigation, WETTON 56 is accredited to sail beyond the 6 nm range from a shelter.

On road

From sea to land

WETTON 56 slips from sea to land and vice versa within 3 mn, without trailer, just with one hand !

Its comfortable 30 mn autonomy enables silent, carbon free movements : batteries charge automatically when at sea, or on 230 AC powerline.

Road behaviour

Above all a sportsboat, WETTON 56 performs as well as the best trailers.

From weight distribution, to top quality components, every detail has been designed to ensure a quiet, safe and smooth road behaviour.

Self steered wheels make WETTON 56 manoeuverable for everyone !

No compromise with safety

WETTON 56 is designed for road use at 130 km/h (80 mph), and has been approved up to 140 km/h (87 mph)

It is legally considered as a trailer, and thus needs its own Registration Documents.

Technical Data

Color Options

Technical Data

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Overall length: 5.5m - 18ft (at sea) to 5.95m - 19.5ft (on road)
Width: 2.35m- 7.7ft
Light draft: 0.36m - 1.2ft
Road height: 1.90m - 6.2ft

Weight without motor : 665 to 790 kg (1466 to 1742 Lbs)
Max Weight on road : 1200 kg (2646 Lbs)

Homologation: Cat C/6 persons

Max power: Only Mercury engines available -Mercury 115 CT XL (115 HP)

Road homologation: UTAC

Float Material: Hypalon Mat