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Keep your car dry, Wettoncraft works for you : from a beach, creek, lake, launch your boat from everywhere, effortless !

In France, you can find at least 350 good reasons to sail : enjoy boat slips every 10 km (6,2 mi), along our 3,500 km (2,200 mi) of coasts and seashores !


When others have to stop, WETTON still goes ON !

You are no longer obliged to wait till high tide to take your kids, friends or family to take a dip away from shore…

Head out fishing and be back before everyone, without attention to the tide, keeping your feet dry !


Don’t forget your boat home, but with WETTON, forget your heavy and cumbersome boat trailer !

Simply park her in your garage, protected from hot sun and sea spray


Of course, our sportsboats are fine, holding the sea brilliantly,

But they perform as well on roads, quietly and safely when you are towing !


In one touch, switch to your launch control application !

In one-hand operation, you are now able to slip your Wetton to sea within 3 minutes…